My experiment dating a fat girl : TheRedPill My experiment dating a fat girl : TheRedPill

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If you want a dating site where you are accepted for your size rather than rejected because of it, then this is that site, too! Packing A Few Extra Pounds?

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This isn't about weight. Well, I'd say he better be pretty tough, if only to survive all the punches to the gut he gets when he says loudly that he's only into "fit girls who take care of themselves.

It's all very easy to be a part of and you could be chatting with and meeting ladies online within a matter of minutes as that is all it takes to set up your account! Instead, I'm more concerned about aging, about being nearly 40 and those bodily changesand about being a single mother to boot.

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I doubt those men feel offended and left out. The most attractive male trait is confidence.

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My biggest issue -- if I were to call it an issue -- is my size. Probably, you want to be more like Terry.

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Don't tell us we're cute and cuddly. If Dating bigger guys want a matchmaking service where the single ladies are actively searching for guys like you who are bigger and proud of it, then this is that service. Sure, one of his 15 points is "some men think fat women are beautiful" but the other 14 are dedicated to tired stereotypes basically boiling down to Fattie McFatterson is super into food and will do anything to please a man because she's desperate.

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In fact, it's probably quite the opposite. People want to be around that. Sometimes I still do it.

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This has never been a problem; I've had many relationships. Enter your Email Address Email remains confidential: Women like muscular dudes, big arms, masculine face, etc.