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Gallery Hop

Take your date to see Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is a great spot for a low key date of enjoying art and getting to know each other. The park features a 10, square foot Ancient Sculpture Museum, which displays Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Etruscan sculptures that are thousands of years old.

There is 16 Bit and Brewcadia.

You Will Love These 16 Unique Date Ideas In Ohio

Everyone paints the exact same scene, guided by a local artist. Although popular in the summer too, if you bundle up, it can be a great way to have fun on a winter night, as well.

Here are some tips for RHPS virgins. Choose any night of the week and there is karaoke happening somewhere in the capital city.

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Take them to the Columbus Museum of Art. Where the cobblestone street charm and room book store make you feel like you're a living, breathing love story.

Take a stroll through the Book Loft. So, if both you and your date enjoy sports or just having a good time, you Columbus dating ideas head to the Arena District and take in a game of hockey.

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This is my favorite breakfast hang in the city and it will become yours too once you see the cheap prices, the delicious bacon, and get served by the marvelous staff. Stroll through stunning art galleries and quirky shops at Gallery Hop.

Snuggle up at an outdoor movie. There are many drink options at extra cost. You can try six beers for the price of one! Treat your date and yourself to happy hour at Woodlands Backyard in Grandview.

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Thousands of people head through the area and stop at the local bars, restaurants, Columbus dating ideas houses, and other shops.

One of the newest parks, Scioto Grove offers plenty of backpacking trails. The first Saturday of every month makes for a great cheap date. Stay together after the sun goes down while backpacking at Scioto Grove Metro Park. Take a self-guided tour of German Village.

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Learn about how your favorite brews are made, and then order one after the tour. Barcades Do you like playing video games?

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Columbus Blue Jackets Although Ohio State University football rules the Columbus sports scene, the Columbus Blue Jacketslong a laughingstock of the league, have turned it around and have become a successful franchise. Click here for a list of all of the Summer outdoor movies the capital city has to offer.