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A movie clip showing this process in action is linked at the bottom of this box. Bottles which have all the primary characteristics noted above 1, 3, 4 without the suction scar 5 were produced by non-Owens automatic or semi-automatic machines and are somewhat harder to precisely date, though the vast majority post-date also.

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This was apparently the earliest of the viable commercial machines, and in fact, the clip was made to help promote and sell the machine to potential buyers. Our story began with the production of ball bearings, and our success is based on our continuous development.

Computing systems is broadly defined and includes in particular computer architecture, file and memory systems, database systems, computer networks, operating systems, distributed systems, web-based systems, data centers, cloud computing, large applications such as online social networks and wireless networks.

Where the catalogs work best is in establishing when a particular machine came onto the market.

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The first production bottles known to have been made on semi-automatic machines were wide mouth Vaseline bottles made by the C. Performance refers both to speed and the efficient use of various resources, including green computing for environmental sustainability.

There are at least two additional finish related mold seams - one at the top of the finish which encircles either the bore or sometimes the outside of the upper lip portion of the finish sometimes both of these seams are present and a horizontal seam immediately below the finish which circles the extreme upper neck called a "neck ring parting line".

The journal provides comprehensive coverage of innovative work in the specification, design analysis, simulation, verification, testing, and evaluation of computing systems constructed out of emerging technologies and advanced semiconductors. Russell recalls that the shop force "whittled out" one motor at a time.

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Also of interest are innovations in system design for green and sustainable computing, and computing-driven solutions to emerging areas in biotechnology.

Clarksburg, West Virginia" Library of Congress.

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However, since the products of automatic and semi-automatic non-Owens machines date from the same era as the Owens machine and are largely indistinguishable, they are all considered together on this machine-made bottle dating page.

Research papers need to demonstrate the use of a rigorous method or methods.

The first machine is the "Machine 5" which the film clip script notes as having been made in in Toledo, Ohio. Louis is the Dating life Electric Co.

Click on the machine-made beer bottle picture above to see an illustration of this bottle showing the major diagnostic characteristics of a typical machine produced bottle.

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So there you have it.