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The year-old shared a meme depicting the now-infamous little yodeling boy standing on stage before a large crowd.

No signs of human habitation whatsoever. A post shared by Coachella coachella on Apr 23, at 2: The Oasis Dome was introduced in and while a Yuma stage was used in as well as the Sonora Stage in But somehow, we figured it out.

Prospective attendees are assigned a place in a ticket queue and are given ten minutes to complete the purchase. When I informed him that I am a nude model, he was delighted — pic by E.

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After drinking awhile longer we were exhausted, and passed out cold in our tent. They all told their favorite jokes, and it was goooood times. I hope the pilot got a good look at my naked ass — this was before I had the misfortune of dating any Air Force pilots myself, so I was still feeling somewhat neutral about that branch of the service.

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Then we saw the metal bat on a signpost — the bat is like the unofficial mascot of the Saline Valley Hot Springs, since little bats fly out from the caves surrounding the valley at night, so we knew we were close.

The meme reads, 'Coachella I tell you, I was never so happy to see a sign of human habitation before in my life!!!

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We 6th graders dating right in, making friends at once with one of the regulars, a super-drunk naked guy who took us on a moonlight tour of the springs area.

Then Boris took the wheel, and I put on some makeup and stuff so that I could basically go straight to work as soon as we got back into down. Anyhoo, I turned in kind of early that night because a I was exhausted from the heat and the day, and b I was already kinda freaking out about the drive home in the morning.

Rumors are swirling that Justin Bieber will be performing at Coachella. Today, artists are given access to the venue Coachella valley dating before the event and have time to assemble their art. Fans continue to press Justin for answers, but he remains tight-lipped.

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After we ate, I rallied and we headed to the communal area where everyone was soaking in one of the big pools, telling jokes. Coachella tickets for both Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 dates went on sale soon after the mega lineup announcement, but what is Coachella, when is it and who is performing at the festival?

Apr 4, at 8: The Coachella lineup sent music fans into a frenzy, especially with Beyonce headlining and Eminem making a comeback on the back of his album Revival. We just listened to music and cruised along, and it got darker and darker. What else are you gonna do???

Weekend 1 is from April 13 to 15 and Weekend 2 from April 20 to Some of the landmarks I was supposed to use as signposts would not be visible in the dark, ya know! So I just undid my seatbelt and drank some wine as I drove along, to calm myself down. Anyhoo, Boris and I kind of ambled around, soaking in the springs naked, of course and checking stuff out.

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