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The face is a no-frills, clean, dark military greenish-brown. After the review, this sample will go under the knife soldering iron in the hopes of making it a better tuner. I'm actually impressed with the TXII's sound.

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This is a wonderful-sounding tuner. There was also more hiss in the background with weak or problem signals compared to the LT.

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In his new truck is a real nice stereo. The cream at the top is getting so thick it's overflowing. Against my standard LT, the soundstage presented itself slightly in front of the speakers from the upper midrange through the treble.

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That sounds like a dirty or well-used record. Where the TXII stumbled was in the lower midrange and bass area. Now the results for my listener's choice: Actually, the whole sonic presentation was forward of the LT's.

Maybe with a transistor system, it would come off as having a thinner sound, when comparing. I never had the feeling that I was tuning a station precisely using this truncated system.

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In order to semi-conclusively rank one tuner above another, you'd need to test at least three fully aligned and measured samples of every tuner. Acquaintance and acquaintanceship — Becoming acquainted depends on previous relationships, physical proximityfirst impressions, and a variety of other factors.

He has a family emergency back in California. Listening in on the weakest local station at DXing, it pulled in weak stations within 50 miles with the APS-9 pointed toward those stations' transmitters, but couldn't push through the crowded band from Worth, lots of noise in stereo on the Nikko, while the LT was fine, with both tuners in narrow mode.

On the strongest stations, the sound was good, with good bass through the highs.

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