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This is less applicable to compounds in which lead forms covalent bonds with elements of similar Whats a free dating app such as carbon in organolead compounds.

Lead, like carbon, is predominantly Cl g dragon dating 2013 in such compounds. Lead II nitrate and lead II acetate are very soluble, and this is exploited in the synthesis of other lead compounds.

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The tetravalent state is common for the carbon group. Lead sulfide is a semiconductora photoconductorand an extremely sensitive infrared radiation detector.

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In these, the 6s and 6p orbitals remain similarly sized and sp3 hybridization is still energetically favorable. Isotopes of lead Natural lead consists of four stable isotopes with mass numbers of,and[27] and traces of five short-lived radioisotopes.

This is because the expected PbCl4 that would be produced is unstable and spontaneously decomposes to PbCl2 and Cl2.

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Even strong oxidizing agents like fluorine and chlorine react with lead to give only PbF2 and PbCl2. The relative insolubility of the latter forms a useful basis for the gravimetric determination of fluorine.

Lead dioxide is a strong oxidizing agent, capable of oxidizing hydrochloric acid to chlorine gas.

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Lead has neutrons, another magic number, which may explain why lead is extraordinarily stable. The divalent state is rare for carbon and siliconminor for germanium, important but not prevailing for tin, and is the more important for lead.

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Lead is particularly useful for helping to identify the ages of samples by measuring its ratio to lead both isotopes are present in a single decay chain. The result is a stronger contraction of the lead 6s orbital than is the case for the 6p orbital, making it rather inert in ionic compounds.

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This distinction formerly fell to bismuth, with an atomic number of 83, until its only primordial isotopebismuth, was found in to decay very slowly. Minute traces of lead arise from the very rare cluster decay of radium, one of the daughter products of natural uranium, and the decay chain of neptunium, traces of which are produced by neutron capture in uranium ores.

The reaction with chlorine is similar but requires heating as the resulting chloride layer diminishes the reactivity of the elements.

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The difluoride was the first solid ionically conducting compound to be discovered inby Michael Faraday. Analogously to lead monoxidelead dioxide is capable of forming plumbate anions. As uranium decays into lead, their relative amounts change; this is the basis for uranium—lead dating.


Three of the stable isotopes are found in three of the four major decay chains: They are unusual in that their color becomes lighter going down the group.

The other two chalcogenides, lead selenide and lead tellurideare likewise photoconducting. Lead tetrachloride a yellow oil decomposes at room temperature, lead tetrabromide is less stable still, and the existence of lead tetraiodide is questionable.

One of them is lead; although it has a half-life of only Uranium—lead dating and lead—lead dating on this meteorite allowed refinement of the age of the Earth to 4.

Apart from the stable isotopes, which make up almost all lead that exists naturally, there are trace quantities of a few radioactive isotopes.

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Lead,and are present in the decay chains of uranium, thorium, and uranium, respectively, so traces of all three of these lead isotopes are found naturally. Lead tetrafluoridea yellow crystalline powder, is stable, but less so than the difluoride.