#DateMyFamily of Comfort and Ashby leave in question. Is Date My Family just public stunt ? #DateMyFamily of Comfort and Ashby leave in question. Is Date My Family just public stunt ?

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I was blocked from his Instagram again and he was instructed to never ever call me. I was tired of trying to reason with Noma. He was allowed to return at the end of July with a new account to which she has the password. At the end October he had to take a week off to go to Dubai for their honeymoon.

I hold no grudge against her, I only plead that she please stop dragging my name in the mud because I will now have no other choice but to sue for defamation of character.

He left that weekend to clear his head. I was going to sleep and waking up to his messages daily. She came for me with no fail. Anyway I ended up staying there for two weeks. The messages went unanswered until about the second week in August. I chose to go to the Dominican Republic with my crew and needless to say agreed to work things out with him Yes, this media report was true.

She blocked me too. For once she stopped insulting me she had me on the phone for two long hours or a bit more, to a point that she ran out of the battery and called me from their Pretoria home.

I actually took the whole thing as a sign that I should be focusing on my marriage but I should have known better. I was appalled, not only at his lies but her reasoning. He claimed I got his number from my connections resulting in the texts. This was a day or two after returning from a week in Cape Town with Malusi.

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I felt weak and confused and found myself in a situation I felt left me no choice but to be single. At this point my hubby and I had started communicating and I was hopeful and focused on working things out with him which has been the case ever since.

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Anyway, I told her everything and finally communicated woman to woman. This was all not enough for Noma, she went on gossiping and insulting me.

This kind of thing is NOT love no matter how many lies he tells and how many excuses you give yourself. To women in relationships or married like myself: By Buhle Mkhize 0.

I however do feel that many times I took Malusi back not out of love or anything but to spite Noma for the insults and accusations about me running after her husband when he was the one doing all the running.

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