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Alfred wegener and the hypothesis of continental drift, wegener and his critics

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The following spring, they barely survived the longest crossing of the great ice sheet ever made, traversing miles of barren snow and ice rising to heights of 10, feet. Koch's Expedition — in the winter base "Borg". The big problem with this idea was that all mountain ranges should be approximately the same age, and this was known not to be true.

They took no food for the dogs and killed them one by one to feed the rest until they could run only one sled. Continental Drift Wegener looks at a map and sits up Looking at a world map inWegener noticed how the coastlines of eastern South America and western Africa seemed to fit together, rather like jigsaw pieces.

The Climates of the Geological Past He had been trying to resupply a remote camp in very bad weather.

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He made three more expeditions to Greenland, in —13,and Unfortunately, nobody took much notice of his proposal!

It also details some of the arguments he used to support his hypothesis. New discoveries made the problem worse. Therefore, since fossil and geological evidence clearly showed the continents were once connected, the only logical alternative Korean african american dating that the continents themselves had been joined and had since drifted apart.

Wegener published this theory in his book, On the Origin of Continents and Oceans. This activity required him to travel constantly between various weather stations in Germanyon the Balkanson the Western Front and in the Baltic region.

Alfred Wegener’s Scientific Career

Indications of widespread glaciation from to million years ago are evident in Antarcticasouthern South America, southern Africa, Indiaand Australia. From the beginning, things went badly. Conversely, continental drift has since become the organizing principle of paleoclimatology and other paleosciences.

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Also, the sea level changes over time as the temperature on Earth varies and the poles melt or freeze to varied extentscovering or exposing different amounts of crust. Thus, it was left to Tor Bergeron and W.

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Simply put, his hypothesis proposed that the continents had once been joined, and over time had drifted apart. Wegener hoped to document this process in real clouds, but other projects intervened and he never returned to the subject. Striae left by the scraping of glaciers over the land surface indicated that Africa and South America had been close together at the time of this ancient ice age.

His four-man expedition "escaped death only by a miracle" while climbing a suddenly calving glacier on the northeast coast, then became the first to overwinter on the ice cap.

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It awards the Wegener Medal in his name. He pointed out that he was not the first person to propose the movement of continents; others had also found evidence from fossils and rocks which strongly suggested continents now far apart were once joined; the American geologist Frank Bursley Taylor had published evidence in supporting the idea of continental drift.

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Anyone who "valued his reputation for scientific sanity" would never dare support such a theory, said a British geologist. During the last few decades, Alfred Wegener has finally gotten the recognition he deserves. Then, beginning in the mids, a series of confirming discoveries in paleomagnetism and oceanography finally convinced most scientists that continents do indeed move.

Continental Drift Theory:Building the Case

Wegener had always maintained a strong interest in the developing fields of meteorology and climatology and his studies afterwards focused on these disciplines. Thanks to his upper-air work, Wegener was invited to join a Danish expedition to Greenland's unmapped northeast coast.

Polflucht Polflucht is German for pole flight.