AIS 12 Call Network Cheapest Top Up with Paypal Online

AIS 1-2 Call easy top up online and a great Network for Cheap and Easy Call Services

12 call top up with paypal


There are several carriers providing phone services to customers in Thailand. But among all, AIS 1-2 call network has been voted as one of the best and most reliable mobile networks. Advanced Info Service (AIS) is the largest GSM mobile operator in Thailand and has over 28 million customers subscribing to their service. It has a variety of deals and plans and various other value added services. Not only this, it offers excellent coverage at reasonable prices.


Here you can get more information on AIS 1-2 call network, how to use a 1-2 call SIM card and the Top up 1-2 call SIM card online.


About AIS 1-2Call Network and Top Up

1-2 Call is a brand of AIS based on the GSM advance network offering excellent nationwide coverage. 1-2 Call is beneficial as it looks after your pocket. It is a prepaid system with no limit on the number and amount of the top up value. You can top up as long as your plan and card is valid. The 1-2 Call SIM card allows storage space for 250 contact numbers and 20 messages. On the 1-2 Call network customers can access various value added services.


The 1-2 Call SIM offers cheaper local and international call rates. The charges for calls and SMS text messages within Thailand are 2 baht/min and 3 baht per SMS respectively. The call charges are higher for international calls and international roaming needs to be activated.


1-2 Call AIS offers post sales services to customers for the SIM card free of cost if the card is covered by the 1 year warranty. In case of any difficulties with operating the 1-2 Call SIM card, you can visit the nearest AIS shops to buy a new SIM card with the same number and intact account balance.


Using the 1-2 Call Service
Using the 1-2 Call service is very easy. Buy the 1-2 Call SIM card from any outlet or branch that sells it. Insert the SIM card into the phone and charge your phone battery completely. Activate the SIM by pressing the number provided. Your card will automatically top up with the free available top up amount. The free top up amount is based on the scheme in circulation at that time. 
Refilling Credit: Top up 1-2 call SIM card online and Scratch Method
You can recharge your account balance using the top up scratch-cards or the top up 1-2 call SIM online services. The scratch-card provides a unique PIN to be entered to recharge the validity and account balance.
The validity date begins the day you use the card. If the account balance exhausts before the validity period, you will continue to receive incoming calls. At the end of validity, the incoming calls will stop and then appear as SMS messages. When you buy a top up card, make sure it is a valid one. There is a limit to the number of times you can enter the PIN.The other option is the Top up 1-2 Call SIM card online services.
The top up 1-2 call SIM card online service allows you to recharge the phone number directly by only punching in the phone number. It is done within minutes and dispenses with the need to enter a specific PIN. This top up 1-2 call online service requires you to make the payment via PayPal to refill credit to your 1-2 call SIM card. One of the many benefits of doing this is you can now top up from anywhere worldwide knowing you can keep your one 2 call number active for when you return to Thailand or even send credit to friends or loved ones that reside in Thailand sending calling credit amount up to 1000 Baht and our easy to use service does all that for our customers.

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