Advantages of buying a Thai 12call, Dtac, True move sim card before you travel

Thai 12call, Dtac, True move  SIM cards- An Affordable Option to Stay Connected When Traveling to Thailand

The rapid development in mobile telecommunications infrastructure globally makes it possible to use your own mobile phone even when you travel abroad.  The GSM feature built in modern phones enables it to be used on different telecom bands. Thus, by activating international roaming on your mobile phone you can keep in touch with family and friends back home using your regular number. But, the main drawback of this facility is high roaming charges. They are so high that making frequent domestic and international calls using your home service provider is totally out of the question.


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The only solution to this is buying a local SIM card for lower call rates. Thailand is a popular destination that attracts people both as a holiday spot and for business purposes. The communication network in Thailand is fairly well developed. If you plan to travel to Thailand and are worried about choosing affordable calling options, do consider buying a local Thai SIM card.  This guide will cover important topics such as the benefits of purchasing a Thai SIM card, where to buy a Thai SIM card and the service providers you can choose.

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Benefits of using a Thai SIM Card

There are several benefits of buying a Thai SIM card and here are some of them:

ü  The Thai SIM are very cheap and easily available.

ü  Buying SIM Cards in Thailand is based on the popular pay as you go (PAYG) system helping you manage your finances effectively.


ü  There are a variety of packages and plans to suit different customers.

ü  A local Thai SIM card offers cheaper rates both for domestic and international calls. Making calls within the same network works out to be cheaper especially for calls within Thailand.

ü  You can give the number to family and friends even before you travel.

ü  It offers easy top up options. You can use the top up Thai SIM card online or using the Scratch cards with the unique PIN.

ü  They are easy to install, setup and use.


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Which companies provide Thai SIM Cards?

When you set out to buy a Thai SIM card, you definitely want a legitimate company that offers hassle free services. There are several carriers in Thailand but, the three main mobile telecom companies in Thailand are AIS, DTAC and True.


Before you buy a local SIM card to use in Thailand, you should first check if your phone is locked that is your phone company has restricted the phone from using another company’s SIM card. If it is, then you have to first unlock it to use another network on the phone. Many phone shops in Thailand offer this service for a very nominal fee.

Where to buy a Thai SIM card?

There are several spots where you can buy a Thai card. The first and most convenient destination to buy a Thai SIM card as soon as your arrive is at the airport at most 7-eleven counters. Numerous branches of telecom companies are scattered around the city.  You can pick your local card at these branches. They have a greater experience in handling tourists and all their queries. You can locate the nearest branch by checking the websites for different carriers. Mobile Phone shops also keep local SIM cards. You can also buy a Thai SIM card while still at your home country via different sites and have it shipped to a particular address. This the option that more and more people are doing as it’s the last thing they want to do after they land from a long haul flight is to start searching for their chosen network sim card.


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