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Even though their quality may vary, the fact each show was set in some form of fictional location or era helped to enhanced the entertainment value, and it was much more entertaining to watch than people simply stood at wooden podiums in a TV studio. These programmes, which were presented in much more ostentatious ways, were often lacking in any decent prizes or actual tests of knowledge, and instead focused on physical trials and entertaining puzzles.

Obviously, he didn't do well, and his scenes were more wooden than the inhabitants of Tracy Island.

Led by a fearless commander played by ex-Blue Peter presenter, John Leslie, they had to play a series of games to earn salvage.

This was to reach the end of the dungeon and find the item they were questing for. Loover's car was designed to be open-top to meet the requirements of the puppet-size set that the roof include a gap for the head wires.

The show is popular to this day, and can be found in re-runs on various channels, as well as its revival as a live experience.

Obviously, this led to much calamity as contestants flailed wildly trying to stay dry and on the pole, mostly with little success. They also reflected the change in general media of the time, especially the rise of computers, video games, and a growing embrace of technology.

The games were interspersed with some truly terrible 'acting' sequences featuring Leslie trying to portray a tough and gruff space marine. Go Right, NO, left!

However, I detect a complete temporal disruption approaching Knightmare is a show that any child of the 80s and 90s will fondly remember, and it was quite unlike any other show of the time. With VR making a big come back, maybe the idea of Cyber Zone will too.

Cull for 90s dating show itv player "progressiveness of spirit", and for exemplifying Anderson's "[taking] an end to the Cold War as a given in his work". At the heart of the design is the "Rat Trap": Challenges were timed, and some were the dreaded lock-ins, where too many mistakes could end up in a player's incarceration for the rest of the game, lest the team buy them back out with a hard-earned crystal, sacrificing time in the Crystal Dome end game.

Contemporary series publicity stated that, in the pilot episodeJoe enlists in WIN as its 90th London-based agent. The piano music featured extensively in the episode Uniform dating search Concerto" was performed by Robert Docker [57] the human hands seen in the close-up shots of Joe's playing belonged to Gray's son, Simon.

These mini games would award successful contestants with a crystal that would account for five seconds of time in the end game, the Crystal Dome. Despite its cheese and cheapness, I loved the show when it was on. Then there were the games that courted the ridiculous and sadistic.

The team needed gold tokens after the deduction of any silver tokens to win various prizes. There was even a game where the contestant simply had to connect two wires to a battery, and this also caused plenty of confusion.

In fact, one real game in the show 90s dating show itv player players with simply wiring a standard if oversized household plug, which, to much hilarity, many contestants had no idea how to do. Sadly, it would seem most people didn't agree, and it was axed after only two very short seasons and a championship episode.

Yes, the game's producers certainly had a mean streak, and we loved it. I was younger then, of course, but it was just so different to any other show of the time, and it was set in spaaaaace! Outwardly, the McClaines are an unexceptional father and son; they live in an antiquated Elizabethan -style cottage overlooking Culver Bay in Dorsetand are waited on by their housekeeper, Mrs Harris.

Maybe the whole thing was becoming a bit narrow; all the ideas were becoming similar.

Here the challenge was to simply walk along a pole that was suspended above water to retrieve a crystal on the other side. The young teams were often left floundering if they missed a key item or failed a quiz challenge, and some of the riddles asked were actually pretty tough, even for adults.

I started toying with the story potential of a process that would allow the recording of brain patterns and transferring them to another brain.

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These usually involved adventure holidays or other lifestyle days out, and were mostly pretty lame. The lore was expanded, with such antagonists as Lord Fear serving as the enemy of Treguard, and the whole show grew, until its final episode in November In truth, they simply walked around a green screen studio filled with boxes and furniture, but to the viewer it was a fantasy epic, filled with evil creatures, traps, and quirky personalities like Folly the Jester, Brother Strange, Cedric the Mad Monk, Sylvester Hands, and the range of question-spewing wall monsters to name but a few.

It was like a mixture of Crystal Maze and Gladiators. With past efforts like Scavengers failing so badly, it's not hard to see why studios might be hesitant to invest in such large scale, or specialised programs.