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In addition to those mentioned, there have been various high-grade models with hand-engraving gold inlays and highly figured walnut stocks. There was an 'M' prefix used on 37's made after Smith was a brother of L.

Ithaca likes to make it clear that every part is made and assembled in the U.

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At that point, Ithaca was no longer a gun company. Comb and length dimensions differ for the various models, Toronto gay matchmaking if specific measurements are needed, the Ithaca Custom Shop will provide.

I can't remember what part of the number said what 3 or 4 year range it was built, but I do remember that the numbers were in order from lower to higher in regards to older to newer.

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Inthe name of the Ithaca 37 shotgun was changed to the Model Modern CNC technology means that the machined parts are made more precisely than ever. If it was made before it does not have one.

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The gauge guns are built on a smaller receiver, which gives the model the easy handling and trim appearance one would expect for the gauge. There was time to have gun designer Harry Howland make some changes to the firing pin and ejector mechanism and, byIthaca was ready to introduce the Model 37 to the shooting world.

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Ithaca once again pushed back its plans for a pump gun. It is the Patent Number.

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The management at Ithaca wanted to give the Model 12 some competition. The serial number is found below this number. Weights are listed at 7.

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Obiewan 10 Contributions What is the age and value of a Ithaca Model 37 pump shotgun with serial number xx-4 in fine condition? What grade, ventilated rib, standard, deluxe, featherweight, field grade, supreme, ultralite, or skeet?

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General Recreation again filed for bankruptcy in LLC to Upper Sandusky, Ohio, where it remains today, turning out high quality Model 37s, s and several variants of a high-grade rifle.

Each stock has a black Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad.